Survival Supply System - July 1, Early Weekly Reset

PUBG community manager has announced on official forums for a BP compensation for the players.

Hi all,

Last week the Survival Supply System (Survival Objectives) weekly missions were reset earlier than intended, which reset in-progress missions for some players. 

While many players had already completed their missions, some players unfortunately had their mission progress reset mid-way through completion. To rectify this and hopefully make up for any frustration caused, we'll be granting BP to all players who had their in-progress missions reset early.

Players who had in-progress weekly missions reset between 2am  ~ 11:30am UTC on July 1st will have BP granted to their account based on the number of in-progress missions that were reset.

- One incomplete mission : 1,500 BP

- Two incomplete missions : 3,000 BP

- Three incomplete missions : 4,500 BP

After weekly maintenance on Wednesday 10th July, BP will be automatically granted to affected players. It may take up to 24 hours for BP to be distributed in full.

If you have any questions, please contact our  Customer Support team.

Thank you.

  It seems to be pretty minor, isn't it?