Another interview from PEL, this time it's Kemba7 from CrowCrowd

The eighth and final week of the PUBG Europe League is already in progress, but just before the action began, we spoke with Dmitrii “KEMBA7” Rozhkov of CrowCrowd. He told us about the team's achievements, their thorny start to the phase, and his impressions of the latest PUBG patch.

After the first phase, there was a huge reshuffle within the CrowCrowd team. With three players being replaced, you happened to be one of the newcomers. Tell us, at what point did you join the team?

I joined, one might say, at the last minute. The guys called me after the first phase, and they were looking for three players at a time. I didn't agree at first, I was waiting for the Jokers' response. Later, I did accept the offer.

What were your expectations? What difficulties have you faced?

There were no expectations. The squad had just been put together, and we went to try our hand at the Kick-off Cup. After that, we finally made up our minds. In fact, it was a mix assembled just before the tournament, targeting the second phase. As for the difficulties we’ve faced, our captain broke his leg and the Kick-off Cup flew by. After the tournament, we were joined by Vitalii “THETAB” Karkeshkin, and that’s the lineup we took to Phase 2.

You’ve secured a position in the middle of the standings and become more confident throughout Phase 2. What are your main strengths and what are your biggest challenges?

We have the best shooters in the wild west; sometimes we just smash our opponents! And on our weaknesses, it’s probably the lack of experience. At the beginning of the phase, we had a mix of both at times, which is why we are still getting better.

CrowCrowd PUBG Europe League

CrowCrowd roster: SeT, Kemba7, TheTab, and HalloSenpai

What were your goals for this phase and has the team achieved them?

I can't say that the team is satisfied with just not being eliminated. Obviously, we didn't aim for very top of the rankings. However, our goal was at least the top 8. We’ll see if we can achieve that in Week 8. Regardless, we always do our best!

There’s only one week remaining and your rank in the standings suggests that you’re safe from elimination. At the same time, you’re quite far from fifth place. How are you going to finish the phase from a tactical perspective?

We’re not quite safe. Teams in the “relegation zone” have picked up the pace in the last few weeks, you’ve noticed it in the standings. They are nipping at our heels. However, 5th place is within our reach mathematically. We have already tried some experiments in our play style, though it's important to avoid risk. We will just play our game and try to do it as well as possible.

CrowCrowd PUBG Europe League

Finally, have you already managed to test the new patch? In particular, the ledge grab feature and Deagle? How would you feel about using the BRDM-2 in competitive games?

The BRDM-2 is definitely a no. Armored wheels and it floats—that's too much.

The Deagle is fun but pointless in competitive play. Nobody uses pistols so it doesn't matter.

Ledge Grab? Yes, for sure. It adds many new positions and approaches, and has a great animation. It’s really cool.