Here goes another interview, now it is Carl “DRAEDON” Birgersson from The Pittsburgh Knights with a small chance to go the next major.

The team appears to be having a better second half to the phase. What has the team improved on the most during Phase 2? 

We are just getting used to playing with each other, its a synergy thing. Also, we don't have an IGL, which caused some confusion during the first half, but now people are adjusting to having to take more initiative themselves.

Coming off a solid performance during week 7, what do you think the team did well this week? And what could you have done better?

We tested some new rotations this week, I guess some of them worked out, other than that I don't think we did anything different, maybe just the same things but better execution. There were some games that we had 0 points, we definitely need to remove those type of games.

Heading into the final week of this phase, how do you feel about how the team has been playing lately?

I think we have been gradually been improving, but I don't think that we are anywhere close to our peak. Heading into the final week we feel confident, also we don't have a lot of pressure on us, which is nice.

Pittsburgh Knights PUBG Europe League

The PUBG European League will open its doors to fans for the final two days of Phase 2. Do you think there will be any more pressure or excitement in front of your fans live?

Most of us are used to playing in front of a crowd, so pressure shouldn't be a problem. Its definitely going to add some excitement to it though.

Recently, PUBG Corp. introduced the “Deagle”. What do you think of this new weapon, and could you see yourself using it during the PEL?

In the state it is right now, I will not be using it, there are just better alternatives.

If PUBG allowed you to add one weapon to the game, which weapon would you choose?

I can't think of one that would be useable in competitive, but rolling with dual Berettas in public matches would be fun.