M19.TheWanderer: “We tried just to shoot more”

Week 5 has been pretty successful for the Russian squad M19, here's the interview with one of this team's members Vladislav "TheWanderer" Lipartiia.

You scored 79 points in Week 5, which just so happens to be your best weekly score yet in Phase 2. How did you manage to do it, were there any changes in game?

We didn’t make any significant changes but this time we tried to be more aggressive by not avoiding any fights.

You personally managed to get 23 kills, becoming the frag leader of the week. Tell us how much this success consists of skill, luck, help of teammates, and the mistakes of opponents?

This success is directly proportional to all of these factors. After all, during the game you can get bad luck with zones or make mistakes with rotations, or you can simply not sleep well before the game. It can also happen with your opponents or teammates, and only when all these factors converge in your favour can you show a good result.

M19 PUBG Europe League PEL

M19 roster: TheWanderer, ELITEPLAYER, konstantinvk, and dmash

You’ve always performed best on Miramar, but in the final match of the week you won on Erangel. Tell us a little more about this match and the final stand-off against Team Liquid.

In the first zone, I personally didn’t think that we would be able to win since we were landing in Primorsk and the zone had gone to the northeast. As far as I remember, we drove into the “hardshift” (Hardshift - the situation when the next safe zone appeared on either far side of the circle; the hard-to-get but safe part of the game zone - ed.). The zone gradually moved more and more towards the centre. The final draw against Team Liquid was quite typical, we were on opposite sides of the circle and we each killed opponents - we were left with three players each on our teams. You saw what happened next.

Another match last week, on Miramar, ended with a water-dominate zone. dmash survived against Ubah and earned a top five finish for the team. How did your team react to this situation at the time?

In each game you have to squeeze the maximum potential out of it. You can’t win every zone and, while we did our best to win, we just had no luck. At that point, we just needed to try to get points, which we did. Personally, I don’t really like 50/50 zones such as that.

M19 PUBG Europe League PEL

In addition to achieving a personal record, this week brought you a more important result: leaving the relegation zone. Will staying above it and remaining in PEL be your highest priority for the rest of this phase?

As things stand, we’re not too far out of the relegation zone so it's not worth us even stressing about it. We have plenty more matches ahead still and we’ll continue to try to perfect our game.