ToWzErA: “We are one of the best teams in Europe”

Another inerview in line with a representative from PEL Contenders, this time it is Kjetil “ToWzErA” Hytten from Desperado who shares his thoughts on the Kick-Off Cup, dominating Contenders, and the current state of PUBG.

Recently in the PEL Kick-off Cup, you finished fifth place. Were you expecting to place so well?

To be honest, yes, I expected it. Our first goal was to reach the top eight in the finals. After groups, I changed that to top five. This is based off of how we dominated in the group stage.

The finals was very hard to play just because of the fact that Team Liquid "ruined it” for everyone else by being extremely good. I know what my team’s potential is and I know that we are already on a very high level of PUBG right now.

The cup featured the best teams in Europe — how were you able to do so well?

Because we are one of the best teams in Europe. In my opinion, in Phase 1 of PUBG Europe League, the 16 best teams in Europe were not there.

That's why you see some Contender teams do a lot better than some of the PEL teams. Our team is full of talent and I feel like people aren't surprised by our good results anymore.

Desperado PEL PUBG Europe League

Desperado roster: fEJK, C4LVINKL3IN, Koldamenta и ToWzErA

Our team has some of the best fraggers in the scene so, as long as I make good calls, we will do very well versus anyone.

Do you think you have a good chance at qualifying for PEL Phase 3?

The chances are big but it's going to be very hard. We managed to play our group fairly easily, coming second. Now we have to go through the finals and get top 12. There are a lot of good teams in the finals, but top 12 should be more than doable.

Then placing in the top four at the promotion tournament in Berlin, that will be hard. I am convinced that we will have one of the best chances of making it, but we need to bring our A-game.

Has playing PUBG professionally lived up to your expectations?

I have always talked highly of people that manage to hold a professional level in esports. A lot of the people I look up to are players in different games.

Desperado PEL PUBG Europe League

Managing to play professionally is a big deal for me. I have had so many discussions with my family and friends about this since it truly is my passion.

Now that I can finally prove that I’m both talented and making money, the expectation is being lived up to.

Do you think incorporating regional leagues has helped to legitimise the game as an esport?

Yeah, it has helped a lot. PUBG Corp. is doing a lot of things correctly at the moment, I just hope they take our feedback seriously and improve even more!

PUBG esports is here to stay, and I am sure it will become bigger.