ADOUZ1E talks about Berlin, his interview to the team portal

Natus Vincere, who have been showing solid performance at PEL Phase 2 lately, has published an interview with one of team's members Roman “ADOUZ1E” Zinoviev. Check it out, definitely worth reading.

— Hi! You have successfully overcome the first half of the PEL, settling in the first place of the table. Did the team find "their" game?

"Hey! I think so. We are leading at the moment among the best teams in Europe and are not going to stop, but we plan to further improve our game, invent something new.

— Unfortunately, there were several unsuccessful days when you could not score important points. What is the reason for such bad luck?

— It happens in pro PUBG: teams have bad days when, due to many factors, the game simply does not go their way. At such moments, the main thing is to avoid frustration and tilt, but quickly discuss mistakes, fix them and forget about unsuccessful days.

ru Did Ceh9 establish himself well as a captain? Is he responsible for a lot of work?

— Yes, he does well and, most importantly, he likes to do it. Regarding the work done, I can say that everyone works: from the players to the manager.

— There are still three weeks ahead. In your opinion, 60 matches is too much?

— This is a lot for both players and viewers. Some teams and players just get tired, they run out of ideas. Because of this, sometimes inexplicable things happen in games that can affect our game too. The audience, I think, is also tired of watching: they lose interest because the intrigue who gets to the major dies faster and faster

— Who can you highlight on their individual performance?

de G2.Braexco, eu Liquid.Jeemzz, de G2.Itzz_chrizz, eu FaZe.fuzzface, ru M19.ELITEPLAYER.

ru Ceh9 and ruPOKAMOLODOY were on the list of PUBG partners who could be the first to try out the remaster of Erangel. Have you seen the reworked green map? What do you think?

— It looks cool, and I'm all for the changes, but please, after the major :)

— And what could be changed on Miramar?

— I think some open areas, which make surviving harder during hard-shifts, need rework. I can't name them precisely.

— You have been in Germany for quite a long time, and only half the way has been covered. Do you want a change, or just to relax?

— You always want to rest a bit, but when you realize you can make it to the major, that mood disappears. We'll rest before the third phase :) 

Photo: PUBG Europe League

— What are your favorite places in Berlin?

— I was only in the most popular places, such as the Bundestag and the Brandenburg Gate. Nearby there is a large park where it is quiet, clean and well. Probably like the park.

— What do the teammates do in their free time?

— Oh, well, there is nothing too exciting. We practice, analyze games, sometimes we stream and discuss past matches with fans. They say how to play, we listen to them and, of course, then we destroy everyone :)

— Judging by the story on Instagram, sometimes Internet is gone in your gaming house. What is the reason for this and does it hinder much?

— It was before the start of the League. The issue was the router, which was slowly dying, and we just bought a new one. A couple of days without the Internet, just like in a cave. 

— And how do you deal with the Berlin heat? Any lifehacks?

— We bought a floor conditioner (laughs).

— Thank you for your time, we wish you good luck in battles!

— Thanks to all the fans who watch our games and worry about us! We always feel the huge support :)