rawryy: “We think we are a top three team”

Here is interview with Rory "rawryy" Logue from TSM, enjoy your reading.


You're the longest-standing member of TSM, would you say this is the strongest the team has been since you joined the organisation?

Yeah, this is definitely the strongest the team has ever been since we moved from a North American to European lineup - we were playing two players from each region before. It's now a lot easier to practice schedule-wise and we picked up some really experienced players who've done well in multiple elements.

How did you decide on the players you have surrounded yourself with?

When the European roster rule came in, Gustav "GustavQQ" Lykke and Peter "Wookiebookie" Lassen weren’t going to be eligible on their team (Team Dignitas, now known as Lazarus, NA region - editor’s note) and they were really good pickups. We decided to make them our top priority and Michael "MykLe" Wake joined us a little bit later once we qualified for the pro league since. He was practicing a lot and we really wanted him on our team.

TSM PUBG Europe League PEL

TSM roster: Wookiebookie, GustavQQ, mykLe, and rawryy

Your team placed eighth in the first phase. How did you feel about that result at the time?

We didn't feel good about that placement because we were first for a long time. It wasn't a great feeling for us - we were winning so many games but then had so many zero point games too. It wasn't sustainable for us to play that way but it made us learn a lot about our team.

Has your perspective on the game changed at all following that placement?

For our play-style we decided to think more about placement points even though it’s a kill points-heavy system - we want to make it into late game more. Last phase we’d keep winning games and then dying earlier in the next, so placement points was definitely our focus this phase.

What happened in the PEL Kick-Off Cup?

We kept on with our play-style that was failing us towards the end of Phase 1, we were just way too inconsistent and our average placement was too low.

What are the reasons behind your huge upturn in performance in Phase 2?

It’s probably down to us just changing the way we play to something completely different and we focus on placements points a lot more. Before, we were always hugging edge and just trying to get as many kills as possible and, most of the time, it was working. But in the long-term, it's not sustainable to qualify for events that way.

TSM PUBG Europe League PEL

Would you say qualifying for the GLL Grand Slam is a necessity for TSM?

For us, our minimum target is making it to GLL. We want to make top three since we think we are a top three team but the minimum of top five we be our goal for this phase, for sure.

What do you think of the current state of PUBG as a whole?

I think the current state of PUBG is really good, it’s really positive. The patches have been very clean, PUBG Corp. is bringing out a lot of content we’ve asked for and it's just a lot smoother. The game’s in a really good state, probably the best it's ever been in.

What changes do you think are necessary for the competitive side of the game?

I think the game needs a public playlist with competitive settings and for the nade meta to be stopped; we need a hard cap for a nade limit or to find some other way of fixing it.