Interview with Na`Vi.POKAMOLODOY

Another interview from PEL Phase two, this time it is the Natus Vincere veteran Vadim “POKAMOLODOY” Ulshin who is answering the questions.

For the year you’ve spent in Natus Vincere, how have your life, habits and character changed?

This year was very tense; numerous tournaments made me devote a lot of time to the game, there was little time left for private life and rest. Habits, they change over time - you have to adjust to the rhythm of the game.

How do you feel about your performance at Kick-Off Cup and, to your way of thinking, why did you take the 13th place in the final?

In the final we took the 13th place, as we weren't playing our "default" - in other words, we were not playing from our usual spots on both Erangel and Miramar.

What were you working on most after Kick-Off Cup, and have you prepared for the Phase 2?

Preparation for the Phase 2 didn't differ from the one for Kick-Off Cup. We were playing from our spots and training individually.

NaVi roster: Bestoloch, ceh9, ADOUZ1E and POKAMOLODOY

In your opinion, what is the probability that you will advance to GLL Grand Slam?

If we go on playing in the same way as we do now, we will reach the Major.

After three weeks of PEL, what can you say about your game as a whole, are you satisfied and what are your goals for the current Phase and the season?

There were some bad days that we are trying to cover with good days in terms of points. The main goal is to reach the Major and take first place in Europe.