Interview with G2.Itzz_ChrizZ

The ongoing PEL season 2 is about to reach the first quarter & the players are only warming up before the long run, already making predictions is one of the G2 Esports players Christian "Itzz_ChrizZ" Blank.

G2 Esports placed just outside of the qualifying spot for the FACEIT Global Summit, are you happy with your performance as a team in Phase 1?

ItzzChrizZ: No, we were not happy with our performance. We set for ourselves very high goals and we see ourselves among the top 3 teams in the European region. Though we don’t see it as a good result for us, it definitely was a learning experience for us which we’ll be bringing into Phase 2.

You guys didn't place particularly high in the following PEL Kick-Off Cup, what was your reaction to the placement?

ItzzChrizZ: For sure it was disappointing for us that we did not make it out of the group stage. That said, our approach to the Kick-Off Cup was on developing our teamplay and returning to our strengths.

What do you pin your performance down to, having to play unpredictable teams from Contenders or something else?

UdyrMayFire: Like Itzz_ChrizZ already said, we wanted to make it out of the group stage and it was a disappointment for us that we did not, but we had another focus for the Kick-Off Cup. We tried to improve and learn a lot for Phase 2. Of course, it’s always a bit crazy when you enter lobbies with new teams, but I don’t think that this should be a big problem for us. We had other things to focus on and I’m pretty sure we will perform much better in the PEL as a result.

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Which squad do you think benefited the most from roster changes in the off-season?

ItzzChrizZ: I’m pretty sure this is Natus Vincere. Three top PEL CIS players changed to Natus Vincere, it’s no surprise that they are a really strong team now with this line-up. They have a lot of fragging power.

Where do you expect to finish in the leaderboards in Phase 2 of PEL?

ItzzChrizZ: I definitely see us as a top 3 team in Europe and when we perform as we did in the first week of Phase 2, I am confident we can be the top team. I think that is a goal every team should aim for. It’s very important for us to qualify for GLL in Stockholm.

Which teams are the biggest threats to G2 Esports qualifying for the GLL Grand Slam?

Caint: I don’t think any of the other teams are a big problem. The only thing holding us back is our own mindset. If we have a bad game, we need to step up, play strong as always, and be unafraid.