Weapon Mastery Q&A and Reddit AMA Recap

On April 22nd, the Weapon Mastery team descended on Reddit’s /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about the new progression system they developed. Members of PUBG’s Mastery team had a blast getting your feedback and fielding questions about the new rewards and mechanics the Mastery system brings to the game. Questions ranged from finding out how a player can earn medals to bypassing asking a question at all and suggesting what charms should come next for players that max out their armory.

While you can read the full AMA on Reddit, you can get an in depth look at our new progression features through our Introduction to Weapon Mastery here or check video below.

Below you’ll find a rundown of the most frequently asked questions and a preview of what the team is working on to add to Weapon Mastery in the future.

Q. What are Charms?
A. Charms are keychain-like trinkets that attach to the left side on the barrel of each weapon. You can equip and see which charms you have unlocked from inside the Mastery tab.

Q. What’s an emblem?
A. Each weapon has a tier emblem that serves as a visual shorthand for your current level. These tier emblems get fancier every 10 levels.

Q. Do I have to buy a season pass to earn charms through Weapon Mastery?
A. Weapon Mastery is an included feature in the PUBG experience. It is not seasonal and updates will not be tied to Survivor Passes.

Q. Do Charms and Tiers have a time limit to reach them?
A. Nope! No time limit to unlock charms or level up tiers, Weapon Mastery is a permanent system with no resets. Oh.. and all Weapon Mastery rewards are free to earn and cannot be purchased.

Q. Can I choose where the charm appears on my weapon?
A. We chose the spots we did for charms because they provided the best opportunity to be seen by the wielder of the weapon. Giving players more customization options is always a goal for us and we’re always exploring the evolution of how we show charms in game.

Q. Is getting mastery levels on certain weapons easier?
A. We have made an effort to balance Weapon Mastery in such a way that progression will be equal for all guns. It’s not about which weapons are better, but which weapons you use and enjoy putting time into using.

Q. When a player maxes out a weapon will all stats be wiped and I’ll have to start over?
A. Weapon Mastery progress will not be wiped.

Q. Since Weapon Mastery is a feature that allows players to check their gun stats and earn rewards based on their skills, will others be able to actually see this “skill” I have or is it personal and hidden from others?
A. We designed a system that allowed you to show off these items to other players, but it didn’t feel quite right. We held off on shipping it while we go back to the drawing board to think of better ways to display your emblems to your friends, and maybe even your enemies. Giving players the opportunity to show off their accomplishments and personalize their looks are very high on our priority list.

Q. Am I going to be matched with the players who are at the same mastery level with me?
A. Mastery level will have no effect on matchmaking.

Q. When can we expect it on Xbox and PS4?
A. Weapon Mastery is in development for Xbox and PS4 and we’ll get it into your hands as soon as we can. An announcement will be made via official channels closer to the release.

We would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the AMA event. We also appreciate those players who have sent meaningful questions and feedback to us via various community channels all around the world. The Mastery Team will continue listening to your feedback to perfect Weapon Mastery. The entire team at PUBG hopes to keep making the game and new features as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Thank you!