Finalists for FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic are set

The final stage of FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic starts today and already tomorrow the winner of the event would be decided. It took 4 days for the teams to find out who would advance to this stage and who is already out of the prizes. Almost all favorites managed to qualify for the finals, however a couple of the strongest teams haven't made it. The biggest upset of the Eastern scene is of course the complete failure of OMG, who had won the first major last year. This squad has been underperforming the whole event and stopped at 23 out 24 teams spot. Another disappointment is now for European powersquad Ence, who have shown a beast performance at PEL with almost 100 point lead from the second place, but this time they were 3 points short from advancing to the finals.

Grandfinals participants: