Winstrike.PUBG interview before FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic

Q: You have been very anxious with G2 in the game until the final moment, you got 1 point more than them. What is your feeling now?

Coming in to the last week we knew it was going to be very close and there would be fierce competition for the 4th qualifying spot. We were right! We focused on playing our normal style and getting every single point out of our games. When the game ended it was so close that even our players didn’t know that they had made it through until they saw the scoreboard!

Q: Can you tell our readers about the Winstrike? It’s strange for us. And what are the responsibilities of the players?

The team is an all Finnish line-up that has been in the EU PUBG scene a very long time. It began as Saunabois and was one of the first teams to be signed in EU by the organisation HAVU. Since then there have been some roster changes but always staying fully Finnish. We left the HAVU organisation before the PEL qualifiers and after doing well there the Russian organisation Winstrike made us an offer.
Teme is the Captain and main IGL, Tiikzu and Nookie are the aggressive players and Jorzki plays a little more support. But we don’t really have set roles and usually all our players will do a bit of everything depending on what is needed!

Q: You have not participated in the major events before, FGS London is your first show in the international arena. Is this your motivation or pressure?

There is definitely pressure playing in any big event but not many people expected us to make it to the competition so the pressure is not that bad. We are motivated from our success in PEL to push forward and show the world what we can do and show the international teams that we deserve our place at the highest level.

Q: Under the new rules, what do you think the different from the previous rules(SLI or GLL)? What is the impact of this change on your team?

The new rule system benefits aggression because kill points are such a big part of the overall score now. Our team has very strong positional play and rotations but now we need to increase the aggression and make sure we knock and finish every kill we can. We’ve already adapted a lot to this during PEL and I think we can only improve.

Q: Will you make some adjustments for FGS? Can you tell us about this?

There is nothing major we want to change before FGS, especially because we only have a few days practice before we have to travel to the tournament. Instead we’ll be doing lots of research and preparation on the other teams and find the best ways to get the most points from our current style of play.

Q: The PEL end time is late than others, so you get less preparation time. Do you think this is your disadvantage?

In a way it is a disadvantage because we have a limited time to look at the teams we will face and how to play against them, however we are fresh from playing a high level tournament so the players are still warmed up and ready!