Survivor Title System Season 2 - Reward Distribution and Consequences for RoC Violators

Measures have been taken against unfair PUBG players, read more in the official appeal.

Hi everyone,
We sincerely thank all the players who participated in the ‘Survival Title System Season 2’ which ended on March 20. Congratulations to all the players who were able to achieve a rank of Novice V (1000 SP) or higher, you will receive your season reward(s) upon login.
‘Survival Title System Season 3’ is now live with new end of season rewards and additional rewards granted upon each new title achieved. Check out the new rewards in-game under the ‘Season’ tab and read about the new season in detail in the Update #27 patch notes.[]
The majority of participants in Season 2 played hard and fair to achieve their end of season rewards, but unfortunately a small number of players abused the system in an attempt to unfairly gain a higher rank and more rewards. We don’t take this behavior lightly and will be removing end of season rewards from all players found to be abusing the system, in accordance with PUBG’s Rules of Conduct.[]
All players found to be cheating will be permanently banned.
Participants of Survival Title Season 2 found to be abusing the system:
  • Penalty: Removal of all Survival Title Season 2 end of season rewards
    • Reward removal will begin March 29
Removing season rewards is just the first step we’re taking against players who’ve abused the system to advance and gain more rewards than they could obtain fairly. Additional measures will follow if more severe or further violations against the Rules of Conduct are identified.
We will be implementing additional measures to ensure fair gameplay and prevent abuse during ‘Survival Title System Season 3’and beyond. Additionally, we’ll continue to enhance monitoring of misconduct, including the sale and use of unauthorized programs.
Thank you
– PUBG Corp.