How much does the new AK cost

The latest #25 update has brought a lot of new improvements to the game with the brand new skin mechanic the analogue for CS:GO Stattrak skins the new BATTLESTAT mechanics. If you want to obtain this skin via lootbox opening you'd better prepare some cash because it would cost you significant amount of money.

You will need to buy 433 keys to have a 50% chance of getting the '[BATTLESTAT] Industrial Security - AKM' skin

And if you want a 90% chance, you'll need to buy 1438 keys.

The basic math is this:

  • You have a 0.16% chance of getting the battlestat skin

  • Which means you have a 99.84% chance of getting something else

  • To find out how many lootboxes you have to open to have less than a 50% chance of getting something other than you want, you raise 0.9984 to the power of attempts.

Or just take the log:

log(0.5)/log(0.9984) = 432.9 or 0.9984433 < 0.5

 In first case it would approximately cost you $1082.5 & $3595 in the second. However if you just buy it on the market it would cost you much less.

A lot of players want a higher drop rate chance for this skin however some of the pro players have the opposite opinion of this situation.