Knights Finalize Roster, Head to Germany for PUBG Europe League

(Pittsburgh, PA - January 31st) -- Our PUBG team is ready to play in the first ever PUBG Europe League (PEL). We’re pleased to announce that we have Jace “Voxsic” Patras, Carl “Draedon” Birgersson, and Dylan “Krama” Catalano returning to the lineup. Our new additions are fourth player Marcus “Realzx” Vining and coach Trey “Afflux” Bourne.

The Pittsburgh Knights will be one of 16 teams competing in PEL. Having been invited into the league rather than needing to qualify, we are in good company; the other teams who received invitations are top tier esports organizations FaZe, Liquid, NaVi, Vitality and NiP. The competition will be taking place live at the Starladder PUBG Studio in Berlin, meaning our team will be making Germany their home for the next two months.

 Afflux, for one, is eager to head overseas because it will be a reunion of sorts for him.

He began playing PUBG when it first became competitive and, early on, met Vox and Draedon, with whom he immediately clicked. Though their paths diverged they were destined to work together again. “It’s all coming full circle where I get to work with Voxsic and Draedon again. It’s honestly so surreal,” remarks Afflux.

After beginning his gaming career on the original Xbox with Halo 2, Afflux has mastered a number of competitive games, including Call of Duty, Paladins, and Overwatch. He was playing H1Z1 when a friend gifted him PUBG - the rest is history. He’s played with some of the top gamers in the PUBG scene and worked with Tempo Storm, Ghost Gaming and, most recently, Simplicity. Before joining the Knights Afflux helped Simplicity take 1st place in the North American PUBG League qualifiers.

Marcus “Realzx” Vining boasts an equally accomplished curriculum vitae. Gaming since age 11, he’s made a name for himself playing Smite for SK Gaming (he was named European MVP for Smite Pro League’s 2014 Season) and Fnatic. He then moved on to Overwatch, playing with Fnatic and Team UK in the Overwatch World Cup. For PUBG he played with Team UK in the Auzom Nations Cup and, most recently, was a member of Alliance

Speaking about the Knights, Realzx says he’s “thankful for the opportunity,” and adds, “I’m just feeling confident and can’t wait to play in PEL”.

The Knights can’t wait either. Pittsburgh Knights president James O’Connor says, “These guys have worked hard to be where they are and I’m excited for them. I look forward to cheering them on in Berlin”. PEL begins in March with 16 teams playing for their share of a 1,000,000 prize pool. The top teams at the end of the season will go on to play in the PUBG Global Championship.