The new bug - players can become invisible

The regular PUBG updates not only fix some of the bugs but are most likely to bring some new ones or break some of the game mechanics. This time we would love to highlight one of the recently found bugs - some of the players become invisible for others which is pretty dissapointing for everyone who encounters such a player.

It is not known when this bug has been discovered in the game but some of the players have already felt it on their own skin.

Looks like PUBG team does not know how to fix this yet and are asking to send them more information if you encounter this kind of occasion.

Apologies for this negative experience - we have seen and reported this issue already, but we haven't had any success in replicating it to find the cause.

If this game is still saved in your replays in-game, it would really help us if you could send the replay file of the game through so we can investigate further.

To find this:

  1. Open 'Run' via Windows key + R

  2. Type in %localappdata% and press 'OK'

  3. Navigate to TsIGame > Saved > Demos

  4. Find the folder that matches the 6 digit game ID - For the game in the clip above, this will be 'F9B169'

Let me know if you think this is possible and I'll give you a place to upload it - thanks so much!