#24 patch updated

PUBG dev team has implemented some changes to the current game build on the live servers after the maintenance, here is the list of changes:

Patch Updates

01/08/2019 – Additional Bug Fixes Added

  • Fixed an issue where the level 3 helmet (Medieval) skin would display the level 2 helmet skin after being dropped.
  • Fixed an issue which caused skins in the ‘eyes’ slot to not be visible when wearing specific items.
    • All ‘eye’ slot items will be unequipped when used together with a gas mask
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would not equip properly after throwing a grenade.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players with throwables equipped to appear barehanded in situations where a player is experiencing high latency.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation to equip a weapon occurs, but the weapon remains holstered.
  • Fixed an uncommon issue which could cause standing unarmed players to appear to hold a weapon after performing specific actions.