Several bug fixed after the maintenance

Tonight PUBG servers have been offline for a few hours, during this time the developer crew has performed the server maintenance.

Here's the list of the improvements:

  •  Fixed a map issue which allowed players to get into an unintended location
  •  Fixed an issue with weapon inventory images displaying incorrectly after equipping some attachments.
  •  Fixed an issue that caused PUBG to launch in 'Fullscreen Windowed' mode even when set to Fullscreen.
  •  Fixed an issue that the character animation is stuck shoulder firing (soft-aiming) when pressing ALT and aiming at the same time.
  •  Fixed an issue where in specific circumstances the mouse cursor would unintentionally be allowed to move to another screen when using dual monitors in Fullscreen mode.
  •  Fixed an issue where destructible objects including doors would disappear after moving to a different point on the timeline in Replay/Death cam mode.