Evil Geniuses gave up on their PUBG roster

Have you ever noticed EG squad landing on the battlegrounds in a competitive game? Most likely you have not, and no wonder why - the team has not shown any results at all since the moment it was signed back in October 2017. Pretty underwhelming results for such a powerhouse. There are two questions to be answered - why did it take so long to release this roster & is the organization still willing to compete on the Battlegrounds.

Here's the official statement.

Effective immediately, Evil Geniuses would like to announce the release of our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds division. With the expiry of their contracts at the end of the year, we have opted not to renew.
We appreciate the time and effort the team and staff have put into their time for Evil Geniuses, and we wish them the best of luck as they continue on in the space. EG will continue to keep an eye on the space for the opportunity to re-enter it if the circumstances are right.

 Pretty stingy farewell words, aren't they?