#24 release updates

Vikendi update #24 is out with several additions to the changelog. Also check out the new battle pass with themed skins for this update.


  • Optimized foliage and vegetation rendering
  • Improved CPU performance by optimizing the object creation process
  • Improved GPU performance for Medium and Low options by adjusting graphic quality related to the ‘Post Processing’ with those settings (tuned HBAO+)

Custom Matches

  • Vikendi is not yet available in custom matches but will be available in an upcoming update
  • Improved observer UI
    • Added a Bullet Tracer On/Off option in the Settings Menu
    • This can be found under Settings – Gameplay – Observer – Show Tracer Display
    • Use Tracer Team Color – This changes the color of team tracers
  • Added new text for when teams are eliminated
    • OLD: “X Wiped Out X”
  • Added new text when certain kill levels are reached during a game
    • Individual Player Kills:
    • 5 kills – RAMPAGE
    • 10 kills – EXECUTIONER
    • 15 kills – MASTERFUL
    • 20 kills – CONQUERING
    • Total Team Kills:
    • 10 kills – KILLING SPREE
    • 15 kills – DOMINATING
    • 20 kills – UNSTOPPABLE
    • When pressing ‘Ctrl + Number’ to assign hotkeys to spectate particular players, the text now displays in the bottom left corner, underneath the team list
      • Assigning once will display the number and player
      • After assigning multiple times, assigned history will be displayed
      • Tags shown above players will now only display up to a 1km distance from the spectator, for better visibility
    • When a player has died, a skull icon will now appear in the team list
    • Visual improvements have been made to the HP bar

Anti-Cheat & Reporting

  • Players banned mid-match from cheating, teaming, teamkiling, etc now have their ban displayed in real-time on the killfeed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where each weapon had a different delay between reloading and being able to fire
  • Fixed an issue which caused vehicles to sometimes pass through players, when rolling down a hill
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the system menu from opening when clicking a specific spot on the button
  • Fixed an issue when laying prone right next to a wall, your weapon could move through the wall in FPP
  • Fixed an issue when spectating a player who died in Replay Mode, the follow camera stopped working
  • Fixed an issue which caused sudden frame drops temporarily when quickly toggling voice/sound options repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the region indicator in-game beneath the health bar to display as “UNKNOWN”
    • Region indicator will now not be shown until before the match countdown starts
  • Fixed an issue which caused character animations to look unnatural when players were pushed by a vehicle moving down a hill
  • Fixed an issue caused after restarting the lobby with ‘Open Crate’ and ‘Preview’ buttons displaying on the left side of the screen in the Store Inventory page
  • Fixed an issue which caused the camera to fall into the ground in replay mode after parachuting
  • Fixed an issue where the angle of the spectated player’s view was different from that of the player
  • Fixed exploits at Castle and Volnova which allowed players to get underneath the map.
  • Resolved issue where wire fences were impenetrable by bullets (some chicken wire fences still need to be fixed).
  • Resolved minor map issues, including some instances of floating vegetation.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause grenades to drop in place, or prevented them from being thrown.
  • Disabled vaulting through certain small windows on Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where a character was moved to a free-look direction while free-looking during freefalling.
  • Fixed an issue where players appear to still have the parachute equipped after landing.
  • Fixed an issue which cause the camera to shake while ADS and moving in a prone position on sloped terrain
  • Fixed an issue which caused ammo capacity to display up to 6 decimal places
  • Fixed an issue which while spectating could cause the spectated player’s weapon to display in a misaligned position
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players with non-default WALK and SPRINT keys from using new parachute mechanics correctly

Known Issues

  • There is an issue which causes the parachuting height in War Mode to be different from before the parachute overhaul
  • The UI of the altimeter does not move when freefalling in training mode
  • There is an issue that the altimeter doesn’t display correctly while parachuting and the map is open
  • Parachuting icons of teammates who have left the plane do not appear next to their name once they exit the plane