ELITEPLAYER: More and more people will be involved in the PUBG esports scene

Hard work pays off - M19 players know it for sure, from the winners of open qualifier tournament 1 year ago they are now one of the best CIS teams at the moment. Here's a short interview taken by Starladder staff, ELITEPLAYER speaks about the team changes and much more.

M19’s Andrey "ELITEPLAYER" Kleymenov, found some time between trainings to answer our questions.

Was it difficult to part with BatulinS? Who is the captain now?

BatulinS wasn't the captain before he left the team. I have been the team captain since April 2018. It was not difficult to part ways, the decision was mutual.

How many players tried out to replace BatulinS? Why did you choose Vladislav "TheWanderer" Lipartia?

As it turned out, TheWanderer was our mutual acquaintance and he had already proven himself as a stand-in for M19 in some tournaments. After BatulinS left the team, it was agreed that TheWanderer is exactly the one that fits the roster perfectly.

M19 before the roster change: BatulinS, xmpL, ELITEPLAYER, Konstantinvk

How are team trainings held and how often are you gathering at the bootcamp?

Team trainings are held in the form of prac's and are played quite often. They are usually played in the evening, in the afternoon for solo plays, and with some FACEIT matches. Now we are at boot camp for the second time. We have been on the boot camp for two months already and we will stick together until the Kiev LAN qualifier kick off.

How do you like the idea of the league? What are the advantages and disadvantages from the team’s perspective?

It is the great news for all PUBG players. If everything works out as it is supposed to, then we are likely to have an exciting league. It’s too early to talk about the advantages and disadvantages. I think we’ll have more solid opinions after the starting phase.

Do you think this will help PUBG reach a new level?

In terms of attracting people to the PUBG esports scene, having a league will be a huge benefit. This way, more people will be interested in esports and furthermore will play "competitively", and that's good news.

Which teams do you believe will be your rivals at PEL LAN Qualifiers?

There are a lot of teams with high skill level, so it will be difficult to select any specific rival.

Who do you think are some of the strongest PUBG teams?

FaZe, Liquid, NiP, and Vitality are the strongest teams right now.