Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun Stage 2

Hey everyone,

This week’s event mode is going to be another test of the Flare Gun system. We’ve looked at your feedback from the last round, but want to gather a little more data before we pull the trigger on any changes or deploy the item to live. Unlike the long event before, this test will run from Wednesday until Saturday. Once again, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please let us know your thoughts in this thread.

This event mode will mimic normal squad games, except that there will be a rare chance for the Flare Gun to spawn alongside normal loot. The goal here is to basically beta test the Flare Gun as normal PUBG loot with the intention to add it as a rare drop to normal games once the test concludes. 

You can also check out our video below to learn more about this test. 


STARTS: Oct 10, 7pm PDT / Oct 11, 4am CEST / Oct 11, 11am KST

ENDS: Oct 13, 7pm PDT / Oct 14, 4am CEST / Oct 14, 11am KST


4-man squads on Erangel


  • Squads of four players will fight on Erangel
  • Flare Guns will spawn randomly all over the map, but are very rare.
  • A plane will drop a special care package if the flare is fired inside the safe zone.
  • A plane will drop a special vehicle if the flare is fired outside the safe zone.
  • An icon on the map will show all players the location where a special care package has dropped.


  • 4-person squads only. Auto-matching is switchable to On/Off
  • Weather is set to Sunny
  • Red zones are enabled
  • General care packages are enabled
  • Killer Spectating is enabled
  • Friendly fire is enabled