Fuzzface: The adding of compounds is however a poor way of improving the map

Another interview, now taken from the member of the mighty FaZe Clan.

We had a talk with a participant of the final stage of StarSeries PUBG S2 - David "Fuzzface" Tillberg Persson from team FaZe Clan.

- What were you lack of on GLL S2 to win the tournament? 
One of the bigger things that I think was a big issue was that we were not sure what to do with some of the endings on miramar. We had alot of circles come towards our lootspot, an area that we don't usually see late game too much. So we struggled with how we wanted to play the area and it really showed in bad placements those games.

- Can you highlight the most important advantages and disadvantages of PUBG? 
An advantage that I always speak highly of the extra part of strategizing on the fly and accurately making the right quick decisions, multiple times each game, that will make your team win games or get to lategame. It's a part that I think alot of other games lack, because you cant plan everything ahead in PUBG. You have 15 other teams that will move around the map and try to do the same things you want to do. So when plan A fails, you need plan b,c, and d, and they all have to be good plans to keep the team alive.

It requires alot from each player and the skillcieling is very high because of it. Which is an advantage of pubg in terms of competativness.

- Speaking about the updates revealing this month, which one you’ve liked the most?
I really like all the terrain changes on Erangel, alot of areas are far better now then before, most noticeably the west side and north coast of military island.

The adding of compounds is however a poor way of improving the map. The best endings in my opinion are in good terrain areas that allow teams to maneuver and make plays, whereas endings around compounds with limited cover around usually ends up stale and too favoured towards one team.

- What do you think about Sanhok? Does it ready for competitive scene?
I firmly believe that Sanhok is not made with the intent of having it rotated into competitive scene as the settings to make it viable would differ so much from current maps.

- In the current meta, which play style is more suitable: passive or aggressive? Which one do you prefer and why?
What meta it is does not matter in my opinion, an understanding of the situation and knowing when to be aggressive or passive is the key. You cannot always be aggressive because you will inevitably overextend and lose players because of it. And likewise with a passive playstyle, if you always play too passive you will lose out on opportunities. The difficulty lies within knowing when you can do something and be aggressive or if you are forced to be passive for a while