Miccoy: We definitely don’t support red zones being in game

An interview taken by starladder staff taken from one of the Ghost Gaming players Kevin "Miccoy" Linn.

- What impressions do you have after the PGI 2018? What you’ve learned from this event?

- PGI was a great experience for us as a team, every international event that we have attended the different regions are becoming stronger and stronger. Along with that these events are a great showing of different play styles, and seeing those mesh in huge LAN events is very exciting. We have learned a lot through our time at PGI, and moving forward we hope to be adapting as the Mets changes.

- What game mode do you like the most: FPP or TPP? Which is the hardest one?

- We all definitely prefer FPP over TPP. Third person is a fun game mode, however from a competitive viewpoint we think teams need to be risking their own safety to get information. Too much favor for a team defending in TPP.

- Which team on PGI impressed you the most and why?

- The Chinese and Korean teams specifically were very impressive during PGI. Not only raw gun skill, but the organization they use during game is incredible, tight rotations that are utilized quickly, they did a fantastic job in the 20 team meta.

- Can you highlight the most important advantages and disadvantages of PUBG? Maybe there’s something you would like to fix or to add in the game? 

- Not sure if this is a question of why we prefer PUBG over other games, but if so: We all prefer the realism of PUBG than any other BR. The gun mechanics in PUBG trump any other we have played, this allows for great fights between knowledgeable players.

 -What do you think about the red zones in the game, are they necessary or there is no much sense about it? 

- We definitely don’t support red zones being in game. RNG factors can make a game fun, but in PUBG competitive, where vehicles and timing are so important, having red zones effect one team and not another is not something we want.

- How do you think, what is the most important thing PUBG players need to have? Is it a mentality or aim skill, or maybe something else?

- Aim and gun skill is always second. For us the most important thing any player can have is determination, not only to improve themselves, but to improve the way the team interacts as a whole