FIX PUBG Roadmap

The announced FIX PUBG campaign undoubtedly draws all the attention from the community. We have gathered all the aspects of this campaign for you. If you are curious to know what awaits you as a player in a couple of months then go on with this article.

    The average FPS for players has seen improvements since Q1 2018, yielding an average 60 FPS on minimum system requirements and 80 FPS on recommended systems. The problem is that FPS would intermittently drop under 60 about every 10 seconds on average, which significantly harms your experience.
    Until now, we have been concentrating on increasing the average FPS rate, which we have been able to achieve. From this point onward, we will be working on fixing sudden frame drops, otherwise known as hitching.
  • LEVEL STREAMING OPTIMIZATIONWe are optimizing level-loading that occurs when you're moving around the map.
    - (COMPLETE) Data Loading Optimization: Now the average time to load data for a level has decreased from 14.4 sec to 5.6 sec.
    - Texture Registration Optimization
    - Physics Creation Optimization
  • EFFECT OPTIMIZATIONWe are optimizing various in-game effects for better performance.
    - (COMPLETE) Environmental Effects: Optimized spawn cost to relieve hitch issues.
    - (COMPLETE) Vehicle Destruction Effects: Eliminated frame drops caused by multiple simultaneous effects.
    - Gunshot Impact Effects: Optimizing various effects occuring on ground surfaces.
    - Gun Effects: Optimizing firearm effects.
    - (COMPLETE) Smoke Effects: Relieved frame drop issues that occur when players are inside the smoke grenade's smokescreen or moving within the smoke coming from the care package.
  • CHARACTER OPTIMIZATIONWe are optimizing various issues related to the handling of character models.
    - Character Replication: Improving our replication code for smoother plays.
    - Weapons: Optimizing models for inactive weapons.
    - Character Movement: Optimizing performance costs incurred during character move
  • Server Tick Rate
    When many players are in close proximity (e.g., at the start of a match, or during the initial blue zones), the network replication server processes slow down the server tick rate. This leads to the following issues:
    - A delay when picking up items or interacting with objects
    - Other players' movements become laggy and/or less predictable
    - Rubber-banding occurring when your character moves forward
    Replication Adjustments
    Replication refers to the process of sending detailed information (position, state) of items, doors, vehicles, and other characters between your PC and the server. Objects near your character need to be replicated as much as possible (on every server tick), but objects further away can replicate at a lower rate (2-4 ticks) depending on the distance. We're planning on implementing a test-fix early August and monitor tick rates to see where we can make further improvements.
    Starting Sequence Improvements
    We also plan to improve and optimize airplane movement, along with the jumping and landing experience to increase server tick rate in the early stages of the game.
    In PUBG, whether or not a player's shot succesfully hits an opponent is determined by the attacker's client. If a shot is successful from the attacker's side, the target takes a hit. However, if the attacker's ping is high or the server tick rate is low, the attacker's shot can be wrongly counted as a hit even after the target hides behind cover (since the target will still be visible on the attacker's screen).
    We're planning on decreasing movement latency by increasing server tick rate and improving movement replication methods, which will mitigate this issue (popularly known as "desync").
    We're also planning to take steps to decrease the presence of high-ping players in the matching pools of low-ping players.
  • In addition to our current anti-cheat solutions, we are in the process of deploying additional improved solutions to secure competitive integrity. Our goal is to prepare a comprehensive solution that incorporates existing and newly implemented anti-cheat functions. These solutions will prevent malicious programs from accessing the game memory, as well as detect and react to cheating programs that make attempts to penetrate the game. Through these solutions, we intend to prepare the following defenses against cheating programs.
    - Detecting and banning cheaters by restricting access to game memory and recognizing motion patterns of suspicious programs.
    - Detecting hacks or other inappropriate programs that succeeded in circumventing our first line of defense.
    - Secure an extra line of defense that utilizes machine-learning technology to improve cheat-blocking cycles more efficiently and faster.
    - Fundamentally block cheating users by encrypting game logic, blocking Dll injection, hooking, and modulation.
  • Following a series of bans and improved anti-cheat efforts, the ratio of suspected cheaters has decreased by more than 80% since Q1 of this year. We plan to continue enforcing aggresive anti-cheat initiatives to further bring down this ratio throughout the campaign.IN PROGRESS
  • We're preparing a system that'll notify you when your reports result in a ban. After reporting players for cheating, teaming, intentionally team killing, or having inappropriate nicknames, you'll be notified if the reported player is penalized within 15 days of your report being sent.IN PROGRESS
  • LEGAL ACTION AGAINST CHEATING PROGRAM DEVELOPERS AND RESELLERSWe're closely working with legal authorities as they investigate and take legal action against cheat developers, distributors, and resellers. We plan to share more news on these efforts.IN PROGRESS
  • HARDWARE BASED BANSWe're preparing to implement a policy that collects hardware information of proven cheating program users and block their access to the game.
We are looking into improving aspects of the matchmaking logic to ensure better, fairer games for all players. We are still actively discussing the system, and looking into rules based on player ping, language, or distance. We are also considering improving MMR logic and increasing the interval for resetting the leaderboard to build a more systematic matchmaking system.
This is a complicated system to build and get right, which means we have a lot of work to get done in this area so we don't want to make any hasty promises. Our goal is to provide all players with a healthy queue that ensures a stable and fair game. We'll keep you posted for more details as we commit to figuring this out!
  • Make it possible to report players who are not properly displayed on the death cam even though they should be displayed.IN PROGRESS
  • LOADING SCREEN- Include basic keymap information in the loading screen.
    - Include tips for beginners in the loading screen.
    - Include information on your current region in the loading screen.
  • CHARACTER MOVEMENT #01Fix the issue where players can sometimes climb stairs much faster while moving diagonally next to the wall.IN PROGRESS
  • MINIMAPAllow players to further magnify the minimap.IN PROGRESS
  • KILL FEED DISPLAY #01Increase the maximum lines displayed in the kill feed from 5 to 10.IN PROGRESS
  • UI GUIDESImplement UI guides that provide useful information pertaining to various situations of the game.IN PROGRESS
  • FIXED-PERSPECTIVE OPTIONImplement an option to adjust the camera position when aiming in TPP.IN PROGRESS
  • TEAMMATE REPORTINGImplement teammate report system.IN PROGRESS
  • MIC TEST UI/UXImplement UI/UX for testing your mic.IN PROGRESS
  • SPECTATINGWhen spectating a teammate, a teammate's kill feed will be displayed in white instead of blue.IN PROGRESS
  • PLAYER ORDER CONSISTENCYMaintain player order between lobby and in-game so that players will have fixed numbers and colors based on lobby order when they enter the game.IN PROGRESS
  • FRIEND UIImprove Friend UI to show logged out / disconnected teammates.IN PROGRESS
  • UI/UX #01Implement improved UI/UX to highlight targetted objects to serve as a better guide to interaction logic. This can be adjusted in the settings.IN PROGRESS
  • UAZ DAMAGE TAKENUAZ currently takes more damage when colliding with an object compared to other vehicles. This will be fixed.IN PROGRESS
  • DBNO PLAYER WALL PENETRATIONFix the issue where sometimes a downed players' character model penetrates walls.IN PROGRESS
  • UNDERWATERFix the issue where players can hold weapons while moving close to rocks while underwater.IN PROGRESS
  • SLIDING FIX #01Fix the issue where characters look like they're sliding while standing up if they take out a weapon and stand up at the same time.IN PROGRESS
  • I SEE DEAD PEOPLEFix the issue of seeing headless characters when using healing items in FPP mode in prone position or when boarding a vehicle.IN PROGRESS
  • SLIDING FIX #02Fix the issue where a player appears to slide when standing up or moving while going prone before landing from a certain height.IN PROGRESS
  • STUN AND ONFIRE ANIMATIONFix the issue of stun and onfire animations being cancelled for Flashbang and Molotov when repeatedly crouching/standing up/prone/or equiping a weapon.IN PROGRESS
  • ARMED ANIMATIONFix the issue where characters occasionally appear to be unarmed when they are actually armed.IN PROGRESS
  • UNDERWATER ANIMATIONFix abnormal character animations when characters are unable come out of the water because of the terrain.IN PROGRESS
  • AFTERIMAGEFix the issue where an afterimage sometimes remains on other players' screen when repeatedly arming/unarming.IN PROGRESS
  • UI/UX #02Fix an issue where a drop down menu is sometimes missing in the results screen while playing on PC with an Xbox controller.IN PROGRESS
  • SEEING THROUGH WALLSFix the issue where you can sometimes see through walls and rock surfaces while riding the motorcycle.IN PROGRESS
  • CAMERA #01Fix the issue where your camera sometimes goes through the vehicle when the vehicle is leaning on an object.IN PROGRESS
  • DEATH CAM SHAKINGFix the issue where a severe screen shake sometimes occurs while spectating a driving player via death cam.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER POSITION #01Fix the issue where a player's character is sometimes displayed in the wrong location when riding a vehicle.IN PROGRESS
  • CLONINGFix the issue where a clone of the player's character sometimes sticks on a location while driving. Although the player can continue playing as normal, other players can see and do damage to the clone.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER POSITION #02Fix the issue of a player's position shown differently from other players.IN PROGRESS
  • WEAPON RENDERING #01Fix the issue where a players' guns are sometimes rendered in the wrong location.IN PROGRESS
  • WEAPON RENDERING #02Fix the issue of ADS occuring even when a weapon is not rendered during spectator mode.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER MOTION #03Fix the issue where a character sometimes shakes when exiting the game while armed.IN PROGRESS
  • MONITOR RESOLUTION #01Fix an issue of the 2560X1440 screen resolution not properly applying when using a 2560x1660 monitor.IN PROGRESS
  • MONITOR RESOLUTION #02Fix the issue of the screen being cut while running a client with a monitor set higher than 1600x900 resolution.IN PROGRESS
  • BLUEZONE UIFix the issue where the Bluezone timer in the UI occasionally decreases by 2 seconds instead of 1.IN PROGRESS
  • FUEL GAUGE UIFix the issue where a vehicle's fuel gauge sometimes displays incorrectly.IN PROGRESS
  • WHEEL MENU FOR HEALING/BOOSTImplement UI that allows users to access healing/boost items without opening the inventory or pressing individual hotkeys (similar UI with the Emote system)IN PROGRESS
  • ITEM MESHFix an issue where item mesh is difficult to distinguish from the floor in the Polica station at Miramar El Azaar.IN PROGRESS
  • PLAYER UIFix an issue where the player UI sometimes disappears in the observer's view.IN PROGRESS
  • ADS BUG #02Fix the issue where ADS works unreliably when ADSing right after equipping a weapon.IN PROGRESS
  • VEHICLE INTERACTIONFix the issue where a player sometimes receives collison damage from a motorcycle when another player picks up the motorcycle.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER POSITION #03Fix an issue where a character sometimes rotates even though its feet are fixed when the screen is rotated more than 180 degrees left or right.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER MOTION #01Fix the issue when a player's motion is sometimes shown as scoping when taking steps next to a wall.IN PROGRESS
  • VAULTINGFix the issue where characters can vault over other characters when positioned at certain heights.IN PROGRESS
  • GETTING STUCK #02Fix the issue where players sometimes get stuck when exiting a passenger seat when a vehicle is close to a wall.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER MOTION #02Fix the issue where a player sometimes clips through the top floor when disembarking from a motorcycle.IN PROGRESS
  • LOOT EFFECTSFix the issue where looting sound and visual effects play, even though the item is not looted, when the character moves away while looting.IN PROGRESS
  • MIRAMAR FIX #04Fix an issue where a dead player's loot box is sometimes buried in certain locations in Miramar.IN PROGRESS
  • BLOOD EFFECTSFix an issue where the blood effect sometimes shows up randomly when moving.IN PROGRESS
  • REPLAY #02Fix an issue in replays where a player's weapon appears to be in the unarmed position even though the character is armed.IN PROGRESS
  • REPLAY #03Fix the issue where a character sometimes vaults the opposite direction while time-jumping through a replay.IN PROGRESS
  • REPLAY #04Fix the issue where the bolt-action animation doesn't always occur during replays.IN PROGRESS
  • REPLAY #05Fix the issue where certain sounds are not playing during replays.IN PROGRESS
  • REPORT SPAMMINGFix the issue where a player can be reported multiple times by playing the replay over and over.IN PROGRESS
  • LOBBY HP BAR DISPLAYFix the issue where a character's HP bar is sometimes shown in the lobby after exiting the server replay.IN PROGRESS
  • POPPING #01Fix the issue where a character's animation pops upward when getting close to the wheels of a buggy.IN PROGRESS
  • POPPING #02Fix the issue of where a character's animation pops upward when crouching and standing up near a vehicle.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER MOVEMENT #03Fix the issue of a character jumping when the crouch key is spammed.IN PROGRESS
  • CHARACTER MOVEMENT #04Fix the issue where a prone player is shown to be moving very fast while on a sloped area.IN PROGRESS
  • CAMERA #02Fix the issue where the camera zooms in and out when throwing a grenade while near a window.IN PROGRESS
  • SANHOK FIX #04Fix the issue where a player can sometimes fall when near the sea at the end of the map.IN PROGRESS
  • CAMERA #03Fix the issue where the camera sometimes zooms in while proned when a dead character is nearby.