ex-Rogue are going Vitality

Recently the Rogue team has announced they are dismissing their another roster. Not much time has passed since the French squad Team Vitality decided they need to improve their roster by making some changes (team didn't make it to PGI finals). And they are announcing they are swapping two players for ex-Rogue players.

This is definitely not the last swap in the series of reshuffles between the whole PUBG scene which would occur in the near future.

 Team Vitality PUBG roster:

  • Франция, France, FR Benjamin "mOnKeY" Lartigue
  • Франция, France, FR Yoan "Shadow1k" Lingrand
  • Великобритания, United Kingdom, UK Jonny "Jazza" McVea
  • Германия, Germany, DE Yannick "ynck" Metzger