Tempo Storm have won WSOE event in Vegas

The Auzom invitational WSOE event the Pan-Continental has ended a few days ago with the North American squad Tempo Storm claiming the first place not only take the point lead, but also completing some challenges. FaZe Clan who obviously need no introduction managed to finish second despite the poor performance during the first day. During the second day they managed to claim 3 of 6 maps. The bronze prize winners is the North American squad representing Spacestation Gaming.

The first place winners Tempo Storm have claimed themselves $50 000, the second place received $20 000 & $10 000 for the first one. The final leaderboards is highlighted below.

Besides the main prizes the teams received additional rewards by completing some challenges ($2k per challenge). Pittsburgh Knights have overrode 2 people by the end of 12 matches, FaZe have won most matches, Cloud9 & Method have drew most firstbloods(2) & Tempo Storm have killed most people withe grenades(6) and also have killed most people (72).

Prize Pool Distribution