PUBG dev team is aware of the current state of the game but is not ready to start fixing it.

The recent disgusting servers perfomance, desyncs, lags, the return of the cheaters and a whole bunch of other different problems has been a real disaster lately. But it seems the developers are going to continue the line with presenting new skins and not doing anything to fix the problems in the near future. At least that is what comes to our mind reading the statements on reddit from the community manager.

Network performance (including desync), client-side performance, bugs, and anti-cheat are all top priority for the devs right now, but it's hard to give regular updates on them before we have guaranteed improvements locked in and scheduled to go out. I know what people really want is a dev blog explaining the exact steps we're going to take to address it, but it's not possible to do that before the devs are more certain about the path they'll take. They know it matters and they're working on it, though.

This isn’t really about the messaging, but rather the reality that it’s taking longer than anyone wants to fully solve some fundamental issues. I know it’s frustrating and I want to be able to talk about more substantial stuff too. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to.

 Well, if this situation doesn't improve in the near future this game from the long lasting project is going to rest in peace pretty soon. It is days till the major game developers would present their working and polished Battle Royales.