Event Pass Bonus XP Events

Hi everyone,
Recently, we released our first ever Event Pass alongside our new map, Sanhok, to bring players a new way to track their progression and earn exclusive skins outside of the crate system. In the weeks since, we’ve received a great amount of feedback on this new system and how we can improve it next time around.
The Event Pass was debuted as a time limited event and unfortunately, due to service instability, longer maintenance times, and some bugs with some of the missions themselves, some players had difficulty enjoying the new content to its fullest extent. These issues will all be taken into consideration during future content planning and we thank you for your patience as we work through the kinks of this brand new system.
But thanking you for your feedback and promising to improve in the future doesn’t help you finish your current pass, so we’ve decided to run an event to help players scrape out a few more levels before the Event Pass ends on 7/21.

Bonus XP Event 1:

Simply log into the game between 7/13 and 7/15 and you will be given a one-time bonus of 400XP.
Duration: 7/13 5pm ~ 7/15 5pm PDT | 7/14 02:00 ~ 7/16 02:00 CEST | 7/14 09:00 ~ 7/16 09:00 KST

Bonus XP Event 2:

We are also providing a daily login bonus of 200XP on 7/15 through 7/20 (7/16 through 7/21 for CEST and KST). Simply login each day to receive your bonus!
Login bonus days reset at 5pm PDT | 2am CEST| 9am KST.

Event Info:

1. Bonus XP will appear as a pop-up once you log into the game.
2. Bonus XP Event 1 is a one-time reward for a total of 400XP.
3. Bonus XP Event 2 can be redeemed once per day, for a total of 1200XP.
4. If you have any trouble receiving these bonus rewards, please contact customer service.
Lastly, the period for Event Pass: Sanhok is almost over, so we wanted to clarify the final days of the schedule.

Event Pass: Sanhok Ending Schedule

Sale of the Premium Event Pass will end on 7/19 7pm PDT | 7/20 04:00 CEST | 7/20 11:00 KST
Sale of the 5 Level Booster item will end on 7/21 5pm PDT | 7/22 02:00 CEST | 7/22 09:00 KST
The Event Pass: Sanhok Season will end on 7/21 5pm PDT | 7/22 02:00 CEST | 7/22 09:00 KST
Reward Settlement: 7/21 5pm ~ 7/28 5pm PDT | 7/22 02:00 ~ 7/29 02:00 CEST | 7/22 09:00 ~ 7/29 09:00 KST
During the reward settlement period, you will have the chance to claim any remaining rewards or XP.
You will not be able to acquire any unclaimed rewards or XP after the settlement period is over, so make sure you claim all outstanding rewards before that period is over.
Thank you for participating in our first ever Event Pass. While this is our first attempt at content like this, we will continue to monitor your feedback so that we can find new and better ways for you to earn great new rewards
--The PUBG Team