The Weekly PUBG Corp. Community Update - June 29th Edition

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We’re back for round three of the weekly update! Here’s some quick stats from the Reddit versions of the first two posts:

June 15th Edition - 115.6k views - 92% upvoted

June 22nd Edition - 138.5k views - 91% upvoted

In case you’re new here, this is basically an end-of-the-week summary of announcements we’ve made along with responses to feedback from players. For a more thorough explanation, check out the intro to this post. For even more on why we’re doing the weekly update and our goals for it, check out this comment.

Alright, let’s jump in.


PC Known Issues (Last Updated 6/21/2018, next update should be coming soon) -

Xbox Known Issues (Last Updated 6/19/2018, next update should be coming soon) -


June 25 - Watch “The Making of Sanhok,” a Behind-the-Scenes Mini Documentary

June 27 - PC 1.0 Update #16

June 27 - Event Pass: Sanhok - Bonus XP Event

June 27 - PGI Skins Clarification

June 27 - Update Regarding OC FPP Duo


On Event Pass Bugs and Other Issues


The Event Pass has some pretty serious problems, many of which have been catalogued in this community-created megathread. Some missions have failed to register, even if you meet the conditions. For others, the wording on the mission doesn’t line up with the actual requirements to complete the mission. Sometimes, players have been unable to claim rewards even after completing the relevant missions and leveling up. There are more than a few issues involving oversights in the design, like the fact that some missions even require map-specific challenges on Erangel or Miramar, despite the fact that it’s no longer possible to choose between the two.

The biggest problems have to do with players not getting the XP they’ve earned through play, thus preventing them from getting the rewards they need.

The Latest Response:

This is a multi-pronged problem, so we’re rolling out a several different solutions.

  • In the latest round of patch notes, we announced increases to the daily XP limits. We’re not going to totally remove the cap—that would encourage a ton of AFK dropping, thus ruining games for everyone—but we are making it easier for you to grind up to the max level.

  • We’re occasionally rolling out small fixes for bugged (or poorly implemented) missions, adjusting them to make them easier to get. Some of these fixes have already shipped, although there will likely be more.

  • We also announced a plan to compensate players who’ve missed out on XP due to bugs. All you have to do is log in at some point over this weekend. We’re considering doing this again in the coming weeks before the pass ends.

If you haven’t received a reward in error, submit a ticket through our support site and we’ll help you out.

Ultimately, the rollout of this pass just hasn’t gone as smoothly as we wanted, which is why we’re pushing out free 400XP boosts for everyone. The design of the pass (including the event length) isn’t likely to change much more during this event, but we’ll be taking the feedback we got on this one into consideration for any future passes or mission-based programs.

On OCE’s FPP Matchmaking Issues


For quite some time now, certain FPP queues in OCE have suffered from extremely long or even infinite matchmaking times. Solo FPP in particular seemed to be the biggest problem, but players have reported issues in FPP Duos and FPP Squads as well.

The Latest Response:

The latest changes to map selection and the release of Sanhok seem to have made a positive difference. According to most early reports, FPP Solos and FPP Squads are now healthy in OCE, especially on Sanhok. However, we have seem some early reports that the Battle Royale FPP queues are showing signs of strain. For now, our plan is to leave all FPP queues in OCE open. However, if some queues start to break, we’ll be forced to close FPP duos in OCE as we originally intended.

More context in this forum post from u/PUBG_Hawkinz

On “The Making of Sanhok”


Sanhok means more than you know for all of us at PUBG Corp. It isn’t just our first post-release map. It’s also a return to form for the company—a way for us to get back to our “open development” roots.

We let you into Sanhok while the map was still being built, and the result is a map that was directed as much by you guys as it was by us.

Our teams took cameras inside PUBG Corp’s offices in Seoul, South Korea and Madison, Wisconsin to share an even more open and transparent view into the map’s creation. It’s all here in this 8-minute mini-documentary, “The Making of Sanhok.”

On Performance, Bugs, and Cheating


Performance (both client-side and server-side), bugs, and cheating remain the three biggest issues facing PUBG as a game. We’ve spent the last few patches shipping changes promised in the late-May dev letter where we declared these three issues to be our highest priority. Progress has been made, but more remains to be done, as nearly every day players’ biggest complaints have to do with these problems.

Our Latest Response

Now that Sanhok is out, it’s time for us to refocus our efforts on these core problems. This week, the dev team sat down to talk about the many ways we can address longstanding bugs, quality-of-life issues, core system optimization, and more efficient anti-cheat. We’ve begun to put together a very large to-do list, and our plan is to begin talking in more specific detail about that list soon. In the meantime, we want to use this post to collect your feedback. What are the bugs that drive you nuts? What QoL changes do we absolutely HAVE to implement? In what ways would you like to see the game’s performance improve? The more specfic your answers are, the better.

Share in the comments below, and we’ll be back to talk about this stuff with you very soon.


There’ll be a lot more stuff to cover in the coming weeks. I’ll be hanging out in the comments section, so please feel free to leave any questions or feedback below!