Plans for Fixing OC's Ongoing Matchmaking Problems

This information would be interesting for players from Oceania region.

Hi OC players,

As you know, ever since we launched the first version of map selection in Update #12, certain queues in OC have suffered from serious matchmaking problems.

First-person queues—FPP Solos in particular—have suffered from extremely long or even infinite matchmaking times. Players have reported issues finding games in FPP Duos and FPP Squads as well. Some players have reported that they’re sometimes able to get these queues working by cancelling and restarting the matchmaking process, but even this workaround solution is unreliable. Over time, this has created a cyclical effect in which players simply give up trying to queue up for FPP games.

Simply put, the current situation is unacceptable. The root cause of the problem is the way map selection works at the moment, and OC players have been affected the most because of the player base size. We need to take time to make our matchmaking system more efficient for situations when there are very low numbers of players in a queue. But that could take time, and we believe we need to act more quickly and with strong measures to get OC’s FPP queues healthy and functioning again. For this reason, we’re going to turn off FPP Duos on OC at the same time that we launch Sanhok—June 22.

We also intend to add estimated queue times for all players around the world, which should help players make informed decisions about what queue is best for them.

We understand that closing one of the available FPP queues isn’t a perfect solution and forces some of you out of a queue that you love, but the highest priority for us is to first make sure the queues we offer are working properly. After that’s done, we can continue to make adjustments.