SOLIDFPS joins TSM competitive roster

The North American multigaming organization announced they would be adding some players to their roster, all the details as usually are in the official announce.

Today, we’re announcing the signings of Corey ‘Halifax’ Mitton and Sean ‘vsnz’ Garcia as our newest PUBG streamers, and Alexandru "SOLIDFPS" Cotiga who will be joining TSM as our newest competitive PUBG player! 

Halifax is a successful BR veteran, having started with ARMA 2’s DayZ BR mod in 2013. Over the years, his channel grew as he moved onto ARMA 3 and now PUBG, in both of which he managed to hold top spots on the leaderboards. 

On the other hand, vsnz comes from a background in Counter-Strike, having played it competitively from beta to 1.6. He began playing Battle Royale three years ago, and has since gained a reputation for being one of the nicest team players amongst the streamers he’s played with. 

“I am thrilled to be joining my favorite team in esports, Team SoloMid. This is an exciting time for me and my community as we are added to the celebrated TSM family. I look forward to continuing to develop as a streamer and maintaining our positive community. I am honored to have this opportunity and look forward to wearing the TSM brand proudly.”
-Corey ‘Halifax’ Mitton
"I'm very excited to be joining TSM. I've already been playing with the current TSM members for the past little while, something which I've greatly enjoyed doing. I'm very glad to have this opportunity, and my experiences with the organization make me feel that this is a perfect fit for me in moving forward and advancing my career."
-Sean ‘vsnz’ Garcia

Last, but not least, SOLIDFPS is transferring to TSM from Cloud 9 after nearly a full year of competitive PUBG. He’s achieved 1st place Gamescom Invitational 2017 FPP Duos, 2nd place at IEM Katowice, and 4th place at Starladder over his career, and he’s hungry to achieve more with TSM.

“It's pretty crazy to look back on the journey that manifested itself with playing PUBG. It used to be something I streamed for fun in my free time while working full time and within the last year, have been given the opportunity to represent some of the largest names in esports. Now I get to play for TSM, an organization full of friends, players, and streamers I look up to with a massive backing of dedicated fans. Let's push for podium finishes through the rest of 2018 and beyond!”
-Alexandru ‘SOLIDFPS’ Cotiga

We’re ecstatic to have the opportunity to sign these talented individuals under our banner, and we look forward working with them over the coming months! We hope that our fans wish them a warm welcome to TSM!

The full TSM PUBG Active Roster is now

Coach: AimPR

 Unfortunately we would not be able to see this roster at the PGI qualifiers because they didn't manage to qualify for the event.