Sanhok testing extended again

We all really like the new map that is being tested on experimental servers, but the devs willing to keep the exclusiveness of the map is getting really boring. This is the second time they prolong the test time and it is really its exquisite flavor is already vanishing.

Hi everyone,
The most recent round of Sanhok testing has turned up some interesting performance problems which we’re still working on solving.
We’ve identified an issue where unnecessary packets are transferred from the client to the server, which causes excess load and dips in server performance.
Currently, the distance in which players are rendered is up to a maximum radius of 1km from your current position. As Sanhok is 1/4th the size of Erangel and Miramar, the number of players within this 1km area is generally much higher.
Some performance issues have arisen due to this, with the direct result being a reduced server frame speed, which leads to early-game server performance issues, including player teleporting or stuttering. According to our internal data, the kill rate at extremely long distances is very low and therefore we’ve decided to reduce the maximum player render distance specifically on Sanhok, which will increase performance.
We’ll be implementing these changes in an upcoming patch. We’ll keep you updated and make an announcement once we’ve finalized the patch schedule.
So we can be sure to get Sanhok into the best shape possible, we’re extending the testing schedule one more time. It’ll now run until Monday, June 11th (all regions).
New schedule and specific times below:
OPEN: May 31, 7pm PDT / June 1, 4am CEST / June 1, 11am KST
CLOSE: June 11, 4am PDT / June 11, 1pm CEST / June 11, 8pm KST
Thanks to all of you out there testing Sanhok! Please keep your feedback coming.