Sanhok vehicle spawn decreased

PUBG community manager Hawkinz published an official statement on reddit regarding the decision of prolonging the Sanhok testing and some changes that were implemented for the extended testing period. The only notable part however is the decreasing the amount of vehicles spawns throughout the map.

Hey everyone,

We've extended the final testing period for Sanhok until June 7, 4am PDT / June 7, 1pm CEST / June 7, 8pm KST.

We hope you use this extra time to both enjoy the map and share your feedback with us.

The decision to extend the testing period had a lot to do with the feedback we received in relation to poor server performance on Sanhok compared to live servers. We're still investigating this issue.

We did identify a potential issue impacting server performance related to the total number of vehicle spawns (on Sanhok specifically) and we've just released an update reducing the total number of vehicle spawns on the map.

Please give us your feedback on this change and whether it impacts your gameplay experience in a positive way.

We're working on other critical issues, including a bug which many of you reported where the sound of other players footsteps cannot be heard, even when they're close to you.

Thank you for your patience while we work to fix these issues. We understand how frustrating they can be and want to make sure they're fixed before we release the map later this month.