Nickname changes probably incoming

The feature. every player who for some reason didn't input his proper nickname, is probably coming to the game client. The name change opportunity is probably coming in the client, at least the game developers are asking the community about this feature.

Hey dudes,

It's pretty clear that everybody would like the ability to change their in-game nickname in PUBG. The devs have some good ideas about how to implement it, and are planning on the publishing the feature at some point (undetermined as of now) but they first want to check with the community to get feedback.

So I'm here to gather thoughts from you guys about the best way to implement it. Obviously we'll likely charge some amount for the feature (real $ + possibly in-game currency, as is standard in most games like this) to prevent people from abusing it. What are your thoughts on the best ways to implement it? Is there some particular implementation from another game that you liked a lot and would want us to learn from?

I'll take notes and share with the dev team.

 This question was asked by the community manager on reddit, the similar question was adressed to the Russian speaking community in more official form.