The nailbiter of the upcoming PGI qualifiers is closer each day & we have already a few upsets. One of the world's best teams player POKAMOLODOY has spoken what he think of this qualifiers in his interview to Starladder.

At the finish-line of an open CIS-qualifier for PUBG Global Invitational, we had a small talk with a captain of Natus Vincere — Vadim "POKAMOLODOY" Ul'shin. The player has shared with us his opinion on the tournament format, team practicing and defined his world's TOP5-teams in PUBG at the moment. 

— Congratulations on an advance to the next stage of the qualifier. How is the atmosphere in the team at the moment?

— Thanks, we try to do our best in all qualifiers. The atmosphere is very good, we are having a bootcamp at the moment.

— A few words about the tournament format. Is there anything you would like to change?

— I would decrease the number of teams, attending the tournament, from 20 to 16. I would do the closed qualifiers with invites and cut the number of match days.

— Was it hard to find a replacement for Shade1 and why did you choose iLame_ru?

— Obviously, it was hard to find a replacement, as Shade is not only one of the best CIS-players, but even worldwide. iLame_ru is good in communication and shooting. 

— How much time did it take to find the A-game with a new player?

— We don't have much time to look for it, as we play all the other tournaments in our basic lineup.

— What do your team practices look like? Are you trying to practice with your basic squad, as well as with iLame_ru, or you are fully focused on the game with Eugeniy? How much time do you spend on trainings? 

— We are playing pracs in our basic lineup, as we are on a bootcamp now. We usually devote 5-6 hours to the team trainings, when we have pracs.

— Who is a coordinator and what are the roles in your team? 

— I'm a captain, ubah also helps with some fresh ideas. We don't have any specific roles in our team.

— Can you point out the game's pros and cons? What would you like to change/ add to the game?

— I like everything, but it would be great to improve FPS and to fix the game's bugs.

— What teams, in your opinion, are in the world's TOP5 at the moment?

— FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Ghost Gaming, Na`Vi, Team Vitality.

— What piece of advice would you give to the beginners? What is it better to start with and how to become the best one? 

— You just have to play a lot, to always fight with everyone, while the victories will take some time to come. 

Origin: starladder.com