FPS issues are still being worked on

The long stalled fps fixing by the game developers has been impatiently awaited by the community for more than a month already. The closest server maintenance would doubtably bring some improvements in the situation, on of the game developers from PUBG Corp. reminded on reddit the community they are still working on resolving those issues.

If you’re worried about us just forgetting about it—we haven’t. I’m currently working with the devs on a “dev letter” to dig into some specific steps we’re taking on performance.

I feel your pain on the performance problems... my machine has been struggling too, recently. But I hope you guys don’t stop giving reps like me the benefit of the doubt when we say we’re working on it. This stuff simply takes time.

Btw limb penetration is coming. We’ve found a pretty elegant solution for it. Will share more when it’s ready.

 The only thing we have left is to wait, hopefully it won't take too long for the devs to fix the situation as it took them with cheaters(which has not yet been resolved).