PATCH NOTES & KNOWN ISSUES ( I am not a dev )

Hello players,

Below is the list of issues that are under investigation or scheduled to be fixed.

Map-related issues are not included in this list, but please be advised that these also continue to be under investigation, scheduled to be fixed, and ultimately resolved. Every piece of player feedback and report received are extremely helpful in this endeavor. We will be sure to share the ongoing progress of those issues that are most frequently reported.

[Update time: 05/03/2018 18:00]

Resolved Issues
These are issues which were patched on the live server from the “Scheduled To Be Fixed” category
Overly-dramatic collision effects (read: space shuttle takeoffs) that occurred when the motorbike crashed into other vehicles
Unable to leave motorbike after it has fallen over
When players move and shoot at the same time, bullet shells chase the player like hella scary demon bullets
The timer for the final bluezone freezes at 1 second.
The bluezone sound effect is muted for players who reconnected to a game
In some situations, you can adjust your camera to see through the ceilings of the school on Erangel
Certain problematic terrain elements are causing strange collisions or movements on Erangel and Miramar
Some curtains on Erangel are impenetrable
There are some abnormal orange lighting effects in buildings on Erangel
There are some some strange collision problems that were affecting character models and bullet cartridges
Walking on wooden structures creates incorrect footstep noises
Prone characters can improperly clip into the ground.
Sometimes movement is limited after using emotes and the quantity popup window at the same time.
Text on a the UMP skin from the Equinox crate labelled the gun as 45 ACP instead of 9mm.
Weapon ammo is counted as “loaded” when the animation finishes instead of when the magazine or bullet is inserted into the weapon.
Vehicle crashing sounds play in some instances when players approach vehicles
Punching while sprinting causes slowed movement
Under settings for killer spectating mode, there is currently no hotkey available for 'reporting' a player
Certain hairstyles clip through the Level 3 Helmet
When in ADS, the texture of certain trees in a far off distance appears in low quality
While the player is running, sometimes their wrist appears to be bent inward
When a character goes prone while leaning, and then stands up, they appear to be stuck leaning
When centering on the cardinal points of the compass, the language changes from English to Russian
A teammate's marker is sometimes not displayed on the compass
In spectator mode, markers placed by the player being spectated do not appear on the compass
When trying to get on a motorcycle that is about to fall on its side, the player falls with it and is unable to get off
Opponents cannot be seen in certain situations
When the network is unstable while a player is getting in a vehicle, both the player and the vehicle appear invisible
Magazine appears stuck to the player's hand in certain situations
Steering wheel of the buggy appears static even when steering
Players positioned behind curtained windows are actually visible
Players can see and shoot through walls in a certain location in Erangel
When reloading a weapon under certain conditions, the reloading animation repeats itself in an infinite loop
When a vehicle that a player is driving collides into a motorbike, the vehicle will sometimes launch into the air
When firing in ADS mode right next to and towards a window or a door, the ADS mode switches on and off intermittently
The texture for the 8x Scope lens is missing and sometimes the Scope model appears cut off
When picking up a fallen over motorbike (2 or 3-seater), it rotates by itself with high speed and/or suddenly jumps into the air
Cannot climb onto certain terrain from water

Scheduled To Be Fixed
These issues have been already resolved. They will be applied in the next live server patch.
When the screen transitions to the results screen for the winning player, the sound effect for receiving damage plays even though they were not getting shot at
When getting in a vehicle on a sloped hill while proning, the player floats in the air or sits on it in an abnormal position

Under Investigation / Fix In Progress
These are issues that are under investigation or in the process of being resolved
Two players getting stuck in the door
The colorblind mode isn't fully reflected on all scope crosshairs
Friends list does not function normally
When a grenade penetrates a window, it is temporarily seen as being deflected in a direction different from the actual trajectory
Steam overlay activates / deactivates intermittently during matching
Some players cannot get on the plane and start the match from ground level instead
When spectating a player using 4x, 8x, 15x, the mouse sensitivity on the world map is lowered
Vehicles spinning/flipping randomly
Server freezing when starting a custom game - Miramar Issue
When spamming prone, camera position changes unexpectedly and character can stand up sliding
Motorcycle gets stuck and explodes after colliding with an object
When spectating a player sitting in a vehicle, kill log is not marked on the replay timeline
When spectating, if a character is close to an object, the lowering of the gun due to proximity may desync from rest of the action and it may appear that the player is shooting with a lowered gun
Opponents can become invisible during the match sometimes
When in ADS, other players can become invisible in certain circumstances
When pressing [Backspace] in main menu, some players see a "Duplicated" error message and/or the main menu screen disappears
One of the emotes triggers unintended movement
When sitting, standing, and leaning repeatedly, the ADS and/or heal action gets canceled
Entire screen and/or shadow animation appears to flicker when picking up a backpack
Sometimes a tree can appear not completely rendered from a distance, resulting in the player behind the tree being revealed
Players can climb stairs faster by moving diagonally against the wall
Freelook does not work in water with Autorun enabled
Player character sometimes slides forward or upward to stand up
Frame rate drop sometimes occurs when clicking 'Team' and 'Perspective' buttons
Sometimes the button to close the 'Crate' window, opened from the 'Rewards' menu in the lobby does not work
When a player tries to get in a vehicle, they appear to be riding outside the vehicle, and will teleport back to where they first got on the vehicle when they try to get off
From the perspective of a player dropping from starting plane, the character animation of other players dropping around them appears as default/unmoving
When activating client, it appears to crash, but only for limited amount of users
For the Buggy and the Van, their front suspension does not move with the wheels when turning
Instead of being inside the starting plane, some players find themselves flying in the air in FPP mode, and cannot eject until they are automatically ejected at the end of the flight path
In some situations, the icon for holding breath appears stuck, as if out of breath
When the network is unstable while a player shoots a gun in auto fire mode, it appears in Death Cam as if it's in single fire mode
Players are unable to pick up items that spawn underneath a certain object in Erangel
Abnormal firing rate is possible via certain changes to settings
When aiming the Flare Gun vertically into the sky, the character animation for aiming with one hand sometimes does not work
Players can still die from the redzone while inside a certain warehouse in Miramar
Players do not receive damage from grenade explosions when under certain circumstances
The message for committing teamkilling is sometimes displayed for players who are actually the ones teamkilled
When ADSing while prone next to grass/leaves, they clip through the gun sights
When rotating the character more than 180 degrees to the left or right, the character's feet appears fixed to the ground

Need To Be Reported
These are not wide-spread issues and require more player reports to be resolved individually. If you are experiencing one of these issues, please contact [customer support]
In the lobby, the BP appears as N/A and there is a message that says match making failed
Please contact customer support with screenshots of your own lobby. The issue is due to an issue with inventory information
BP appears as "-"
Sometimes when the server is unstable, actions that consume BP such as character customization are made multiple times in a series, consuming a large amount of BP at the same time. Please take a screenshot of your lobby and contact customer support
Cosmetic item of the character used in-game is different to what is shown in the replay.
Please contact customer support with a zip file of the replay attached. (C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Demos)
Sound coming from particular direction of the player is not played properly
Please contact customer support with a game environment information (soundcard, soundcard driver version, sound gear, PC specifications information)
Windows Key+R > input 'dxdiag' > Click 'Save All Information…" > Create dxdiag.txt file
In the middle of the game, a player can suddenly become stuck in a random location and can even receive damage in that location.
Please compress and attach your Replay file and contact Customer Support. (C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Demos)
On certain computers, when scoping, the aim point sometimes appears as a cross.
If you are a player who owns a PC that has higher than the minimum PC specs to run PUBG, please attach your PC specs and contact Customer Support.
Windows Key+R > input 'dxdiag' > Click 'Save All Information…" > Create dxdiag.txt fil

Please note:
*It may take some time for the resolved issues to be reflected on the live servers.
*There could be issues under investigation or being resolved that are not included in the list above.
*Some issues or bugs that appeared after the latest update may have been excluded from the lists to prevent potential abuse.
*Please report any other issue or bug to our official forum.