Game devs seek Your help in solving FPS issues

Though the most troublesome problem has started its way to being solved it could take months to be solved (remember the recent cheater situation, where matchmaking servers have been literally unplayable for quite some time and has resulted in several people being  jailed). The game developers are longing help from every one of us in collecting the data that would help to improve the current situation.

Hi everyone,

We've received a large amount of feedback recently from players who are experiencing significant drops in FPS during matches, as well as overall lower FPS compared to previous patches.

We take these reports very seriously and our development team have been working hard to address these performance issues.

While the reports have been widespread, not all players are experiencing these issues, which makes identifying the cause a more difficult task than some may expect.

Today, we're requesting your help, as we seek to gather specific system information from affected players, to help us more effectively investigate, identify and fix the cause of these performance issues as quickly as possible.

If you're currently experiencing FPS drops, or lower overall FPS which only started occurring in recent patches, we're requesting your detailed system information for the purpose of troubleshooting.

To retrieve your detailed system information:

1.       Press Windows + R

2.       Enter “msinfo32”

3.       Click File > Save

4.       Enter your PUBG in-game name as the title, then click save

Please submit this information to our customer support team:

1.       Go to

2.       Click “Submit a ticket” at the right top of the screen

3.       Fill out all fields

          -For Issue Category select "Others" then "Etc."

          -For Subject Category enter "FPS Drop"

4.       Attach the file saved from msinfo earlier

5.       Enter a brief description of the performance issue

6.       Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page

Thank you so much for your understanding and assistance, as we continue to work towards resolving these performance issues as quickly as possible.

 Well, let's hope it will take less time to improve this situation.