THE CAN OF WHOOPASS ( please update this awesome idea " my opinion " )

“THE CAN OF WHOOPASS” is like the energy drink but much more powerful with powers, I think it would be a good update if you add it to PUBG tell me how you guys think about it, thanks! Here is the PROS and CONS.


  1. 3x scope like vison.
  2. extreme running like motorcycle.
  3. extreme strength receives damage like a level 3 vest.
  4. punch is instant kill.
  5. jump higher.


    1. 2 min sickness here is what happens:
    2. blurry vision
    3. slower movement
    4. dizziness
    5. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                 
    6. loud crack when opened and a beam of light, lets everyone know you opened it.
    7. only one on the map.
    8. if crash to object when running you will be injured.
    9. powers last for 5 min.
    10. you glow with a tracer when running.