Savage returns as Sanhok

Looks like that the only map that has remained with its original title is Erangel, but probably during the closed alpha it has been like Soviet Union or something, anyways this time the game developers have renamed the tropical savage map into Sanhok bringing the announce of the third part of beta:

Our new, 4x4km island map is coming back to test servers, and this time it has a new name.
As we explained in our “Inspirations of Codename: Savage” blog posts (part 1 here, part 2 here), this new map is inspired by a wide variety of islands across southeast Asia, including those found in Thailand and the Philippines. To reflect that inspiration, we invented a sort of hodgepodge combination of two words:
First, the Thai word for “fun:” สนุก (pronounced like “sah-nook”)
Second, the Filipino (Tagalog) word for “chicken:” manok (pronounced like “mah-nok”)
Combine the two and you get Codename: Savage’s new name: Sanhok (pronounced “sah-nok”). It’s grown on us quickly, and we hope all of you come to love it as much as we do!

Now let’s get to the real news. We’re about to open a new round of testing on Sanhok, and this time everyone who owns a copy of PUBG will be able to play—we’re turning the Closed Experimental Server into the “Experimental Server.” Expect to see it show up in your Steam library sometime soon.
Full testing schedule below:
THURS May 10, 7pm PDT / FRI May 11, 4am CEST / May 11, 11am KST
MON May 14, 4am PDT / May 14, 1pm CEST / May 14, 8pm KST
While the full launch of Sanhok is now only a couple of months away, we expect to make plenty of changes based on the feedback that testers give us, so please participate!
With love,
PUBG Corp.