PUBG will remember mode choice

What is the one of the most frustrating games features that could be fixed easily? It definetly is the game mode choice you have to reapply after each round in PUBG. Each time the game ends you have to manually readjust the game settings to play the game mode you desire. One of the community organizers Hawkinz has heard the players prayers and commented on the situation in the reddit post.

The like is because I agree with what you said! I haven't heard a specific timeframe on this issue being resolved.

I play the game too and I share the frustration when this happens :)

I've brought this up internally and hopefully it's something that we can resolve sooner rather than later. The less frustrating experiences, the better.

Well knowing how things in PUBG work this could be implemented either in the closest update or in half a year. Hopefully sooner rather than later.