Starsky: Na`Vi are the strongest team in the region

Right before the start of the GLL season 1 lan finals popular Russian PUBG caster and the voice of all major PUBG tournaments Starsky in his telegram has shared his vision on the recent reshuffles on the CIS PUBG scene touching every major event.

Well the reshuffle wave has struck everyone, lets conclude everything happened. The most notable changes were in GRUBIE(Na`Vi) & AVG

Na`Vi managed to get themselves the good fourth rifler and managed to become the strongest team in the region.

AVG have acquired themselves Diezzz buying his contract from ForZe. I personally think that this decision is doubtale. First of all Artem is a captain and AVANGAR doesn't need the second one. Second the current meta is based on agressive playstyle and is very important to be very skilled in shooting. IMO there are better riflers than him. Batulin, Adouz1e,PWM seem to be better than him in this aspect, BUT! If you take away the captain's role from a player than it would be much more easier for him to perfrom and he could probably show his best skills as a rifler.

Vega Squadron is just pain. First they bench and then kick Eninoel, afterwards they bench FiftyFourth. As a result Maxizor and Vampire are joined by Kemba and Kippie as a tryout. These kind of reshuffles are arctic cool though if guys would perform as a team and would follow the meta they could reach the CIS top 10. But not now.

Team Empire - when I have seen the roster for the first time I had a lot of doubts. While Snoopykx and Adouz1e are already proffesionals for me, Kiss1k and Faultlessly have major issues with ingame and personal discipline. But I think they would work as a team, Snoopykx is a very tough captian. Concluding there is hope for a stable top-5.

QBF - disband. Nothing to say more. If four players don't have a common goal they can't be a team. They couldn't make it. They can try to sign a new roster.

Team Spirirt - I personally think that it is a good business project. Four handsome streamers are good at PUBG. They have their audience, the game has its audience this means that commercially it is a good project. The only thing that they are missing is the results. Perphaps it's not the goal. But the guys are trying. Good luck!

Team Spirit - на мой взгляд абсолютно грамотный бизнес проект. 4 симпатичных стримера играют хорошо в M19 - my personal pain. I respect those guys, some of them I know in person, BUT. It doesnt affect my opinion that the current results for the team are awfull. Because they are absent. As I said the current meta is 4 good riflers plus a captain who's looking forward into the future. This is what team is missing. Reshuffle is imminent.