Second round of Savage testing has ended

The second phase of unbeleivable tropical journey has ended, and we are now left with the feelings of emptiness inside, but don't be upset to early, we are promised another round some time soon:

Hey friends,
The second round of testing on Codename: Savage has officially ended. That means the Closed Experimental Server is no longer active, but you can keep it installed if you’re interested in participating in the next round of testing.
We’ll spend the next several weeks combing through all the feedback you gave us during this testing period so we can implement the most important changes. Savage will return soon, and when it does we’ll be sure to include a full list of the tweaks we’ve made.
Thanks for playing!
PUBG Corp.

 Right before the experimental opening the dev team has uploaded a new update on it.

Also they have shared their vision on how the new map would look in the future updates. Probably you would love to see the map size comparsion to Erangel if you still haven't.