GLL announces Wingman Series 2

If you are confident in yourself and have a very strong duo partner then it's your time to shine. GLL have announced the duo tournament available for anyone. If you are curious then you should definetly read the announce:


GLL Proudly presents Series 2 in our Wingman Series – a duo tournament where people tag up wth their best in-game friend to fight others for glory.

This is the second edition of the year, and more will come! This time we’ll do it in the competitive FPP mode with a prize pool of $5,000.

Sign up today for a fun action packed time and don’t forget to bring your Wingman! Wingman will be played during the dates April 11 and April 15.  Join our Discord for more upcoming details about the schedule and format!


Wingman qualifiers will be played on April 11. The Grand Final will feature Wingman duos from both NA & EU but the qualifier will be divided in the different regions.

All qualifiers are Best of 4 with 2 maps Erangel and 2 maps Miramar.

Grand Final will be a best of 6 with 3 maps Erangel and 3 maps Miramar.

Dates & Times

Qualifiers – April 11th

EU 20.00 CEST 
NA 8pm EDT

Grand Finals – April 15th

EU 19.00 CEST
NA 1pm EDT