Scooms analysis on the current tournament system

While PUBG's esports ambitions are growing from lan to lan and we are starting to see some kind of viewable production on the latest tournaments the rules for the game are still not set. Almost each tournament organizer sets his own rules for the tournament and this results that teams should change their approach from tournament to tournament if they want to place at the top.

Team Liquid's captain Scoom has published a post on reddit with the analysis on the latest PGL PUBG Spring Invitational:

Right now we have multiple different leagues that all use different point structures. With placements + kill points.

Thus making it

  1. Kinda confusing for viewers/players league after league.  
  2. Inconsistent results when you compare.

I grabbed the results of PGL from the top 4 teams and did some calculations how teams would end up in all the different league structures.

3 Different winners would have happened if PGL used different point structures.

Overall winner would have been Grubie combining them all.

Just want to have a discussion how people feel about the point structures of each specific league etc.

I personally am the most fan of Pubgonline, how their placement structure is and kill points (3% kill for a win). I think PGL 4% was waay too much and for example Curse 2% might be too low.

People think that teams will play more aggro just cause of higher kill points, this is NOT a thing. Teams play the same whether its in Curse or PGL. You play for win/placements, and kills come.

Once you add kill points going for kills is always worth, but you never go out of your way just to get more kills because of it.

If you look at FaZe ( the most consistent team, with the best avg placement at PGL). The way they make rotation/macro plays when the circle or situations is not in their favour is FAR ahead of everyone else. They are playing to win/survive, the objective ( in my opinion of BR). But with some point structures they are getting punished. Whilst other teams who lack the macro/rotation skill and just fail to do well in bad situations, benefit more out of it.

But anyways,

Just wanna see what other people think !

As this is just my opinion, so I am open to hear other thoughts and processes.

Sorry for the bad formatting, I don't know how to reddit properly :(