Windigo has released the rest of the roster after the cheater scandal

A recent scandal with one of the participants of the ongoing GLL league, where the tournament administration has found evidence of one of players cheating, has released a huge burst of negativity to such players and many of them started accusing each other of using such software.

A few days after the scandal the Windigo CEO has decided to release the rest of the players af their duties, more details in the official announce:

After the recent scandalous news regarding Vladislav PUDGE228 Kislov, who was caught cheating and thus was kicked from the team, we ran a check on other players of the roster, who were at the bootcamp in our gaming house.

After the inspection carried out in cooperation with the GLL representatives, no trace of prohibited software was found on the players' computers. Unfortunately, we cannot be completely sure that the players didn't know about Vladislav's actions, and so we're forced to terminate the contracts.

However, it doesn't mean that Windigo Gaming is leaving the PUBG pro scene. We'll soon start recruiting a new roster in this discipline. Stay tuned!

СЕО Windigo Gaming Maksym Bednarskyi:

I'm forced to announce today that we have unilaterally terminated contracts with Dab00m, LAMBER_ and КОРМ, despite the fact that there's no proof of them using prohibited software. A two-year ban the players have received violates terms of the contracts with our organization. We're currently looking for players who are ready to defend the banners of our organization on a professional level. Send your applications to [email protected]