Team Empire roster changes

Russian powerhouse Team Empire have announced they are releasing their former squad for 4 new brand players. All the details in their official announce.

Team Empire announces changes in its PUBG roster. All four members are replaced.

We will be represented by Taras Snoopykx Bezyazichny, ex-captain of GRUBIE, Roman ADOUZ1E Zinovev, who last played for Quantum Bellator Fire, Vyacheslav Faultlessly Kashanov and Konstantin Kissik Michailichenko, duo from Anime Boys. All these players have shown their skills in main leagues of our region.

Mikhail Nomercy Yudanov, manager of PUBG squad explained this decision:

«Only a couple of months have passed since the professional PUBG scene in CIS was formed and now we are involved in great reshuffle. Many talented free players appeared at the same time as we had some internal disputes. Some of the best players of our region united under Team Empire tag. I hope that they will show truly magnicifent and top-tier game».

First of all our new team is going to participate in qualifiers to Auzom and PUBGonline leagues.

Also we would like to say thanks to Maxim PandovichXF Smirnov, Artyom KippieTheSlayer Bychok, Dmitriy Kemba7 Rozhkov and Maxim clozZ Hurkunov and wish them good luck in their future endeavours.

Thus Team Empire PUBG squad consists of:

  • Image not found Taras Snoopykx Bezyazichny
  • Image not found Roman ADOUZ1E Zinovev
  • Image not found Vyacheslav Faultlessly Kashanov
  • Image not found Konstantin Kissik Michailichenko
  • Image not found Mikhail Nomercy Yudanov (team manager)

 The freshly signed players are amongst the best CIS players at the moment (probably the second best team after AVANGAR). We hope the released players will keep their faith strong and continue playing the game.