Scoom: I want to prove that we are worth to be Team Liquid

Team Liquid player Keiron "Scoom" Prescott, in an interview with StarLadder, shared the story of his appearance in the PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS StarSeries i-League, Team Liquid’s goals, and the first matches of the tournament.

First of all, how did you find PUBG and why did you start to play this game?

I played H1Z1 Battle Royale before and PlayerUnknown was one of the designers. I knew of him before, so when he started PUBG he contacted me and asked if I want key for closed alpha.

I started to play that weekend and was hooked: I’ve been playing since day 1.

So you were a beta-tester? Have you sent in any reports and were they useful?

Not really. I was just playing and did not give too much feedback.

Do you like PUBG right now and are there any changes you want to be made?

I love this game. I wouldn't be playing it right now if I didn't love this game. PUBG is really appealing because every game is different.

As for things to change, I would like for there to be a matchmaking system so I can play against top players. Right now, when playing public games it's pretty much against players who aren’t yet performing at the pro level. I would rather improve my skill level and it is more fun to play against evenly matched opponents, in my opinion. That's what I would love for PUBG - to have properly structured ranking system.

Kiev Cybersport Arena. StarSeries i-League PUBG

What are your thoughts on cheaters in PUBG?

You get cheaters in every game, for example Counter-Strike also has an issue with cheaters. But with CS:GO, there are 10 players per game and in PUBG it’s 100 players per game so the chance of meeting a cheater is increased.

And it depends on the region and the game mode you play. For example, the TPP mode has a lot more cheaters. I haven't met them in FPP in Europe, but it is definitely a problem that is recurring.

How much skill is required in PUBG vs luck? Would you say something like 90% skill, 10% luck?

It's probably closer to 70/30 in terms of  skill and luck. It depends on the number of games that you play in an event. If you play 50 games it is more likely that the skill of the teams will be more relevant than the randomness, but if you play 1 game it could be random no matter how good your skill is.

I look at PUBG the same way that I look at poker; I was playing poker myself professionally. You can be the best player in the game, but you can have bad days, bad weeks, or you can have a really unlucky run. But in the long run, normally the best teams and the best players come out on top.

Your team is a new roster in big and famous organization. They won International in Dota 2, they are performing well in CS:GO. Do you feel pressure?

I cannot say it’s pressure, I feel that I play the same with an organisation as I did without one. It doesn't affect me mentally, but I think it's good for me. I definitely feel like I need to improve myself for the organization. Like you said, they won Dota, and they have a really good team in CSGO and League of Legends. So for me, I want to prove to them that our team [is worthy] to be Team Liquid, and make them happy they signed us.

Team Liquid. Sambty, Jeemzz, Scoom and ibiza

What can you tell about the first game day at StarSeries i-League PUBG?

Going to this event we are, in my opinion, a top-3 team. We were coming with the expectation to prove ourselves and some people said that we didn't really deserve invitations because we have a new roster and we haven’t had the greatest results online.

But I believe in the team and on the first day we were 3rd place after 2 games and then we won 3 games in a row. That was really surprising for us, I don't think we were meant to dominate that much, but it feels good, obviously.

And the final is short blitz:

Rush or hold?


Miramar or Erangel?


Which type of transport would you choose: Motorbike, Buggy or VolksWagen MicroBus?

Motorbike for sure!

Your favorite weapon?


And your favorite place to land?

It depends. With squad, I like Yasnaya Polyana and solo I like Mylta Power.