ESL reduces maps on IEM

Today ESL have announced that they would be reducing the amount of maps from 10 to 8 on the upcoming event in Katowice, this is done for several reasons they have listed in the press release:

Earlier in January, we have announced an update to the tournament format by focusing on Erangel. Following this decision, the main event will now be hosted with eight games instead of ten. The decision to reduce the tournament to eight sets is based on various aspects. It is our goal to provide all the fans on site and at home with the most interesting broadcast possible. Less games allow for the tournament to happen without any extended breaks in between the series for players to rest and have food, which will improve the experience for the players and all fans tuning into the broadcast at home.

 The current line-up for the tournament is:

  • FaZe Clan (direct invite, Europe)
  • Team Vitality (direct invite, Europe)
  • Method (direct invite, Europe)
  • Ghost Gaming (direct invite, North America)
  • Team SoloMid (direct invite, North America)
  • Tempo Storm (direct invite, North America)
  • LGD Gaming (direct invite, Asia)
  • (direct invite, Asia)
  • TBA (direct invite, Asia)
  • Team Kinguin (online qualifier winner, Europe)
  • Airstation Mike (online qualifier winner, Europe)
  • AVANGAR (online qualifier winner, Europe)
  • Noble eSports (online qualifier winner, North America)
  • Cloud9 (online qualifier winner, North America)
  • OpTic Gaming (online qualifier winner, North America)
  • Kaos Latin Gamers (online qualifier winner, South America)